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A Canadian company threatens an American paradise with 10 billion tons of mining waste.

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  • Unique and endangered: Why we need to protect the Gulf of Mexico's Bryde's...

    Until recently, scientists recognized just two subspecies of Bryde’s whales (pronounced Broo-dus) worldwide  – the Eden form and the Bryde’s form. The 30- to 50-feet baleen whales (the kind that filter food like plankton and krill through tiny hairs in...

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  • NRDC Petitions to List Endangered Gulf Whale

     Under the definition of “in harm’s way,” there should be a photo of the Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s (pronounced BROO-dus) whale. This forty-foot whale—cousin to blues and humpbacks, and the only great whale known to reside in the Gulf—is in desperate...

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Now more than ever, North and South America’s last wildlands and rarest wildlife are under threat from large-scale logging, mining and industrialization.

NRDC’s BioGems Initiative harnesses the power of online citizen activism to help save our continent’s most endangered natural treasures — our BioGems — for the sake of a sustainable planet and all future generations.

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