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Keep Shell out of the Arctic!

Shell's plan to drill in Alaska’s Polar Bear Seas could prove catastrophic.

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  • Check out our ad in today's London Financial Times thanking Rio Tinto for...

    Global mining giant Rio Tinto announced last week that it will divest its entire stake in the controversial Pebble Mine by gifting its shares to two Alaskan charitable foundations.  NRDC ran this full-page ad in today’s London Financial Times thanking...

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  • Greek Mass Stranding Investigation Begins; One Whale Pregnant

    On the island of Crete, biologists have begun studying the bodies of whales that perished during the recent mass stranding.   They’ll be looking for tell-tale signs of sonar pathology: bleeding around the brain, lesions in organ tissue, and damage...

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Now more than ever, North and South America’s last wildlands and rarest wildlife are under threat from large-scale logging, mining and industrialization.

NRDC’s BioGems Initiative harnesses the power of online citizen activism to help save our continent’s most endangered natural treasures — our BioGems — for the sake of a sustainable planet and all future generations.

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