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Now more than ever, North and South America's last wildlands and rarest wildlife are under threat from logging, mining, drilling and industrialization.

Launched in 2001, NRDC's BioGems Initiative harnesses the power of online citizen activism to help save our continent’s most endangered natural treasures — our BioGems — for the sake of a sustainable planet and all future generations. Each year, we mobilize more than 2 million NRDC Members and online activists to bring overwhelming pressure to bear on governments and companies bent on industrializing the world’s last wild places.

NRDC selects special places across the Americas that face an imminent threat of destruction: pristine coastlines that could become industrial ports; ancient forests that could be stripped of trees; and unspoiled wildlife habitats that could be sacrificed to oil and gas drilling. Our imperiled BioGems are irreplaceable remnants of wilderness that curb global warming, preserve biodiversity and provide sanctuary for rare and extraordinary wildlife, from threatened polar bears to endangered gray whales.

Our celebrity partners help shine a spotlight on issues they care deeply about. Robert Redford is spearheading our campaign to keep the Polar Bear Seas safe from oil drilling. Kyra Sedgwick and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have sounded the alarm on the climate-wrecking Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and Pierce Brosnan has led our campaigns to end the commercial slaughter of whales and to protect them from deadly Navy sonar.

Together, BioGems Defenders and our local partners on the ground have scored dozens of historic victories for the environment, proving that individuals can be a powerful force for conservation.

In 2013 alone, we helped persuade British mining giant Anglo American to quit the destructive Pebble Mine; made sure that polar bears will keep their all-important federal protection; saved 11 million acres of vital wildlife habitat in the Western Arctic Reserve from oil development; came to the legal defense of local citizens in New York who opposed the spread of fracking in their community; and prevailed on many other fronts.

But NRDC’s fight for nature never ends. Become a BioGems Defender today and help us defend some of our planet’s last wild places and most threatened wildlife. Our future depends on it.


We would like to thank the photographers whose beautiful images of wildlife and wildlands appear on this website.

Al Grillo, Ben Knight, Christopher S. Miller, Cristina Goettsch, Doc White, Greenpeace, Howard Ruby, Ian McAllister, International Fund for Animal Welfare, James Kay, Jeff Schultz, Jenny Ross, Jess Lee, Jim Brandenburg, John Swedberg, Kate Davison, Luis Quinta, Mark Carwardine, Mark F. Wallner, National Geographic, Pat Leeson, Paul Burwell, Ragnar Axelsson, Randy Beacham, Robert Glenn Ketchum, Stan Macbean, Steve Kazlowski, Thomas Mangelsen, Tom Leeson, Tui De Roy.

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