Save whales from Big Oil's airgun assault

October 2014

Keep the East Coast off-limits to Big Oil & Gas!

Save Whales Now

Tell President Obama to keep the East Coast off-limits to reckless seismic oil and gas exploration -- and spare countless whales, dolphins and other marine life from senseless injury and death.


Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

The Obama Administration has given Big Oil the green light to explore for oil and gas off most of the Eastern seaboard -- from New Jersey all the way down to Florida -- using high-intensity seismic airguns.

It’s a plan only the oil giants could love -- meanwhile, the impacts on countless whales, dolphins and other marine mammals will be disastrous.

NRDC is going all out to mobilize massive opposition to this outrageous scheme -- and we need your help!

Please tell President Obama to reverse this decision and keep Big Oil & Gas out of the Atlantic.

The explosive noise from these seismic blasts is the equivalent of dynamite going off in your neighborhood every ten seconds for days, weeks and months on end.

It will injure as many as 138,000 marine mammals while devastating fishermen and coastal communities -- simply to line the pockets of oil and gas companies.

That’s why it’s critical that as many of us as possible make our voices heard right away -- before the oil and gas industry has a chance to destroy this precious and irreplaceable marine habitat.

Urge President Obama to protect whales and other marine mammals from deafening seismic airguns.

We’ve already witnessed the dangerously high costs of unbridled oil and gas development off America’s shores. When BP’s Deepwater Horizon rig exploded, it spewed a river of toxic oil into the Gulf of Mexico and left marine wildlife and local communities to suffer the consequences.

I’m sure you agree: We must not allow the oil and gas industry to turn vast stretches of the East Coast into the next national sacrifice zone.

But that’s exactly where they’re headed -- unless we prevail on the President to reverse course and save thousands of whales from needless suffering and death. Please join me in sending a message to the White House right now.

Thank you for standing with me in defense of imperiled marine life.



Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council