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Red Knot Listed as Threatened under the Endangered Species Act

After migrating more than 9,300 miles every spring and fall, I’m sure the imperiled rufa Red Knot is a pretty patient species. But waiting for protections for the last 8 years while languishing on the Endangered Species Act “wait list”... Read More >

Groups Sue Mendocino County for Illegal Contract with Wildlife Services

In 2012*, California’s Mendocino County contracted with Wildlife Services — the rogue federal agency responsible for killing 4 million animals last year — to “control” their wildlife. The result? 459 animals dead in just 365 days, including coyotes, black... Read More >

Keystone XL tar sands pipeline still doesn't make sense -- forcing approval...

As Congress takes up legislation that would force approval of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline, there are countless reasons why this is a bad idea starting with the fact that there is still no established route for the... Read More >

Tar Sands Train to Ruin: How tar sands producer Southern Pacific Resources...

This blog was co-written with Lorne Stockman, Research Director at Oil Change International In the summer of 2012, advocates of Keystone XL hailed Southern Pacific Resources’ announcement that it had signed a five-year contract to bypass pipeline bottlenecks and... Read More >

The tar sands train that couldn't

This blog was co-written with Lorne Stockman, Research Director at Oil Change International   Update: October 23, 2014 News from Canexus today indicates that it is only getting worse for the Bruderheim terminal.  A major customer has terminated its contract. Now... Read More >

EPA approves new pesticide combination Enlist Duo, NRDC files suit

Today the EPA approved the use of a new pesticide that is a combination of both glyphosate (better known as Roundup) and 2,4 D for use on genetically engineered corn and soy.  Glyphosate, the most widely used weed killer in... Read More >

The European Fuel Quality Directive: Despite a weakened stance on tar...

This blog was co-drafted with Josh Axelrod, NRDC policy and legal consultant It is good news that the European Commission has finally published measures that will implement the European Union’s 2009 Fuel Quality Directive (FQD) – a policy that requires European Union member... Read More >

The Numbers Continue to Crunch the Pebble Mine

Facts – for example, numbers -- have never been a friend to the Pebble Mine.  By now, some of these are familiar to all of us: 10 billion – The number of tons of mining waste laced with toxics that the... Read More >

Neil Young, Willie Nelson and 8,000 in Nebraska Stand Up to the Keystone XL...

Under a warm September sun, thousands spread out across the cornfield on the Tanderup family farm in Neligh, Nebraska. We sang along with Neil Young and Willie Nelson to honor the beautiful Nebraska farms and ranches, waters and traditional... Read More >

Citing pipeline constraints, Statoil postpones tar sands expansion project

The Norwegian oil company Statoil has announced it is postponing the development of its 40,000 barrel per day (bpd) Corner in situ tar sands project for at least three years due to rising costs and a lack of pipeline space.... Read More >

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