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South Portland, Maine Hammers Nail into Coffin of Proposed Tar Sands...

Last night, the South Portland, Maine City Council approved the Clear Skies Ordinance in a 6-1 vote, thereby prohibiting the bulk loading of crude oil, including tar sands, onto tankers on the waterfront, as well as the construction of new... Read More >

EPA Takes the Next Critical Step Toward Protecting Wild Salmon and Stopping...

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency formally proposed limitations that would block the massive, ill-conceived Pebble Mine project -- the controversial proposal to mine gold and copper at the headwaters of the pristine Bristol Bay wild salmon fishery in Alaska that faces... Read More >

New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers Should Take Action...

From July 13-15, 2014, the Governors of the six New England states, and Premiers of the five Eastern Canada provinces will meet at their annual conference, which will be hosted this year by New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, in Bretton... Read More >

Guest blog: Report on 9-month-long tar sands well blow out reveals systemic...

This blog was drafted by Joshua Axelrod, NRDC legal consultant A recent report prepared for tar sands giant Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. (CNRL) raises new questions about the safety of the industry’s drilling (or in situ) operations.  The new revelations cast... Read More >

Tar sands operations tainting local foods according to study

A new study released by two Alberta First Nations communities in partnership with the University of Manitoba reports that certain carcinogens released in tar sands operations are being found in high levels in local wildlife.  The study also reports a... Read More >

Blue Whales, Collateral Damage, and the U.S. Navy's Avoidable War on Whales

Today is the publication date for Joshua Horwitz’ War of the Whales, a true story brilliantly told about the U.S. Navy’s decades-long war on whales and other marine mammals by its reckless use of high intensity active sonar. The book... Read More >

War of the Whales

On March 15, 2000, a seldom-seen species of deep-diving whales began stranding along the coast of Great Abaco Island, in the northern Bahamas.  That event—the first naval sonar mortalities to be witnessed by humans—and the struggle that followed to determine... Read More >

Groups Ask California's Mendocino & Humboldt Counties to STOP Hiring...

In 2012*, California’s Mendocino and Humboldt counties contracted with Wildlife Services – the rogue federal agency responsible for killing 4 million animals last year – to “control” their wildlife. The result? 636 animals dead in just 365 days, including coyotes,... Read More >

Tar sands expansion cools down without Keystone XL

A series of recent industry announcements is pouring cold water on the argument that tar sands development will happen at the same pace and scale with or without major infrastructure projects like Keystone XL. In recent months, two major tar... Read More >

Why Is the Wildlife Services Administrator So Proud?

                                                 (C) Fish and Wildlife Service Kevin Shea, the Administrator of the USDA’s Animal Plants and... Read More >

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