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Three facts you should know about the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline and...

When he vetoed legislation meant to force approval of the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline last week, President Obama noted that the project is designed largely as a way to route Canadian tar sands to the global export... Read More >

Monarch butterflies can't wait another year - EPA needs to act now

Last year NRDC filed a petition with EPA asking them to review the use of glyphosate (also known as Roundup) in light of its effects on monarch butterflies and to impose restrictions on its use. After more than a year,... Read More >

Let's not shoot the Monarch messenger: Butterflies (and critters) of all...

A recent opinion piece by Daniel Rubinoff argued that efforts to save the declining monarch butterfly in the US are misplaced. Chief among Rubinoff's arguments is that other species of butterflies, moths and spiders are in more critical condition and... Read More >

Strike Two: Developers' second shot at the coastal California gnatcatcher...

The coastal California gnatcatcher - a small bird that dines on insects and mews like a kitten - lives in the distinctive coastal sage scrub habitat of southern California. This habitat, much like the bird, is highly endangered in... Read More >

Unregulated oil by rail versus Keystone XL: A false choice

A column of fire lighting the sky. Oil spilling into a nearby river. If the horrifying images of this weekend's West Virginia oil train fire and spill seem familiar; they should. We saw the same type of disaster in... Read More >

“Butterflies fill the air”: A Guest Blog From the Monarch...

The following is a guest blog post by Margaret Hsieh, an attorney in NRDC's New York office. Female monarch in Cerro Pelón portion of the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve. Photo credit: Margaret Hsieh. High in the Sierra Madre mountains of... Read More >

EPA comments show Keystone XL tar sands pipeline fails the President's...

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) drove what may prove to be the final nail in the coffin for the proposed Keystone XL tar sands pipeline in comments released today, linking the project to an expansion of the tar sands and... Read More >

Monarchs remain in trouble, even if new numbers show uptick

Every year researchers measure the size of the population of migrating monarch butterflies who have survived to spend the winter in Mexico. For more than a decade now the population size has been dropping steadily with last year the lowest... Read More >

Keep Calm and Plant Milkweed

Recently there have been a number of articles in the press about how people are planting the wrong kind of milkweed and that it's actually harming monarch butterflies. Inflammatory headlines have warned about how well intentioned people may actually be... Read More >

Senate Bill Would Gut the Clean Water Act and Green Light the Pebble Mine

In lockstep with Congress's Big Polluter Agenda, Louisiana Republican Sen. David Vitter and West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin introduced a bill that would give industry a free pass to despoil Alaska's Bristol Bay by gutting EPA's authority under the... Read More >

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