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Huge Ponds Hold Tar Sands Sludge, And Great Risks

On August 4, 2014, the catastrophic failure of a mining company's dam in British Columbia, Canada, released over 2.5 billion gallons of contaminated water from a containment pond into the upper Faser River watershed. Only a few hundred miles east... Read More >

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn Signs Wildlife Protections into Law

The following is a guest blog by NRDC wildlife attorney, Rebecca Riley: Mountain lions, gray wolves, and black bears are now safe to roam in Illinois, thanks to the leadership of Governor Pat Quinn and the Illinois legislature. This last... Read More >

VIDEO: Pebble Mine and the Death Star Mine at Mount Polley

In the wake of the devastating Mt. Polley Mine disaster, and even as the latest tests confirmed elevated levels of toxic copper and lead in aquatic life, a predictable progression is already underway. Within days, the mine owner, the... Read More >

Declining air quality in the tar sands region: Is the government responding?

A new report released by the Alberta government reveals a concerning trend with declining air quality as a result of tar sands operations.  While the report itself was just released, the air pollution information in the report is dated back in... Read More >

Governor Cuomo Shuts Down the Country's Biggest Ivory Market

Governor Andrew Cuomo celebrated World Elephant Day today by signing into law a bill (A10143/S7890) that will help stop the slaughter of African elephants for their tusks by drying up the nation’s largest market for ivory: New York City. And... Read More >

Governor Christie Signs New Jersey Ivory Bill Into Law!

As African leaders conferred with U.S. officials on how to end the wildlife trafficking crisis at yesterday’s U.S.-Africa Leaders Summit, New Jersey Governor Christie signed legislation that will crack down on the state’s ivory trade and help end the... Read More >

May/June/July 2014 Legislative Threats to the Endangered Species Act

When I think summer, I think popsicles, swimming pools, and, since I live in DC, stifling humidity. The House Natural Resources Committee Republicans think: last chance to gut the Endangered Species Act before August recess and elections. Cue the recent... Read More >

South Portland, Maine Hammers Nail into Coffin of Proposed Tar Sands...

Last night, the South Portland, Maine City Council approved the Clear Skies Ordinance in a 6-1 vote, thereby prohibiting the bulk loading of crude oil, including tar sands, onto tankers on the waterfront, as well as the construction of new... Read More >

EPA Takes the Next Critical Step Toward Protecting Wild Salmon and Stopping...

Today the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency formally proposed limitations that would block the massive, ill-conceived Pebble Mine project -- the controversial proposal to mine gold and copper at the headwaters of the pristine Bristol Bay wild salmon fishery in Alaska that faces... Read More >

New England Governors and Eastern Canadian Premiers Should Take Action...

From July 13-15, 2014, the Governors of the six New England states, and Premiers of the five Eastern Canada provinces will meet at their annual conference, which will be hosted this year by New Hampshire Governor Maggie Hassan, in Bretton... Read More >

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