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Need Another Reason to Stop the Pebble Mine? Check Out Today's Ad in...

NRDC is running ads in Politico that highlight just a few (of the many) reasons why the Pebble Partnership should abandon its plan to build a gargantuan gold and copper mine at the headwaters of the world's greatest wild salmon... Read More >

Another Day, Another Politico Ad, Another Reason for the Pebble Partnership...

NRDC is running a series of ads in Politico highlighting several reasons why the Pebble Partnership should quit its disastrous plans to build a giant gold and copper mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay's famous salmon runs, which are... Read More >

EPA denies NRDC petition to save monarch butterflies

Last year, NRDC filed a petition with EPA asking the agency to review the use of glyphosate (commonly known as Roundup) in light of its devastating effects on monarch butterflies and to impose restrictions on its use. After a year... Read More >

Pebble Mine Ad in Politico: Another Reason to Walk Away from Bristol Bay

NRDC is running a series of ads in Politico giving the Pebble Partnership plenty of reasons to walk away from their reckless scheme in Bristol Bay. Yesterday's ad focused on the local opposition to Pebble Mine. Today's ad focuses on... Read More >

Saying Goodbye to Bobby Andrew, Defender of Bristol Bay

I didn't expect the Pebble Mine would outlast Bobby Andrew. He was a fighter who never seemed to get tired. Over 70 years old, and he was always willing to make the trip - whatever the trip, wherever it took... Read More >

Pebble Mine: Check out NRDC's ad in Politico

There are many reasons to quit the Pebble Mine. Through ads running this week and next in Politico, NRDC is giving the Pebble Partnership a handful. Today's ad is the first in a series of five ads, and it focuses... Read More >

Ivory Ban Bill Passes California Assembly!

In a show of resounding bipartisan support for elephant protection, California's ivory ban bill - AB 96 - passed the Assembly last week in a vote of 53-12. And, just a few days later, the Los Angeles Times voiced its... Read More >

Pebble Mine Lawsuit Moves Forward, Delays EPA Protection of Bristol Bay

Today a federal judge in Alaska issued an order that will prolong last ditch litigation filed by the Pebble Limited Partnership against the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Although the order dismissed portions of Pebble's complaint, the court also allowed parts... Read More >

Your moment of Zen - Yellowstone edition (a photo essay)

As one of the world's best job perks, I get the opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park and its surrounding areas every year. Living and working in Washington DC, I sometimes forget how much of my daily view is taken... Read More >

Marching to keep tar sands oil out of our communities

This blog was co-drafted with Michael Yamoah On June 6th, 2015, NRDC will join dozens of our allies for the Tar Sands Resistance March in the twin cities of Minnesota. Citizens from across the Midwest will stand together to... Read More >

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