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Santa Barbara pipeline spill highlights threats of tar sands expansion into...

The most recent oil spill in California highlights both fundamental weaknesses in basic safeguards for our nation's oil infrastructure as well as risks associated with industry plans to expand tar sands infrastructure in the West Coast. On May 19,... Read More >

Canada Announces Weak Climate Target

This blog was co-drafted with Han Chen and Jake Schmidt. Today, Canada has announced its contribution to the global effort to reduce greenhouse gases by announcing its post-2020 target. The target announced today is off-track to the 80 percent cut... Read More >

Alberta's new government could mean a new focus on climate and clean energy

Sweeping changes to Alberta's political leadership, the result of a historic provincial election, could bring about a sea change to the province's laggard approach to clean energy, climate policy, and tar sands development. Canada's left-leaning New Democratic Party (NDP) gained... Read More >

Lawsuit compels EPA to respond to petition on monarch butterfly crisis

Last year NRDC filed a petition with EPA asking it to evaluate the widespread use of the weed-killer glyphosate (commonly known as Roundup) because of the pesticide's devastating impact on Monarch butterflies, whose population has plummeted by over 90%.... Read More >

New Film Explores the Collapse of Salmon... and Hope in Bristol Bay

Wild salmon used to be so plentiful in the waterways of the Pacific Northwest that, when explorers Lewis and Clark arrived at the Columbia River in the early 1800s, Clark wrote that you could cross the river on the backs... Read More >

New Report Examines Threat of Huge Increases in Shipments of Tar Sands to...

A tar sands invasion of Washington and Oregon is threatening the states' communities, waterways, coastlines and air. In a new report, NRDC examines the tar sands threat faced by the entire North American West Coast, from British Columbia to California.... Read More >

Pebble Mine: Down to Lawyers, Lobbyists and Legislators

Pebble Mine is not grabbing headlines these days, but the battle to protect Bristol Bay is far from over. In contrast to the significant headlines and victories in 2014 - Rio Tinto withdrawing from the project, EPA proposing specific restrictions... Read More >

The tar sands invasion that can be stopped

Many across the United States are aware of the tar sands threat posed by the proposed Keystone XL pipeline but what many may not know is the U.S. faces a looming threat that is bigger than just this one pipeline.... Read More >

Report highlights industry plans to flood West Coast with tar sands

The West Coast could soon become a destination for huge volumes of tar sands crude oil - one of the world's dirtiest fuels - setting back efforts to combat climate change and exposing communities to significant new health and... Read More >

Bill Would Prevent Wildlife Services and Others from Cruel Trapping on...

Pennsylvania's John Heinz National Wildlife Refuge (C) Bill Buchanan/FWS When you hear the term "National Wildlife Refuge," what comes to mind? I automatically think of the wildlife I see when visiting the refuges in my home state of Maine--especially... Read More >

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