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October 2014

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The Big Story
Rhea Suh
Rhea Suh, with husband Michael and daughter Yeumi.
NRDC Names New President
After 40 years at NRDC, including nine years at the helm, Frances Beinecke will step down as president at the end of this year, and Rhea Suh, until recently the Assistant Secretary for Policy, Management and Budget at the U.S. Interior Department, will succeed her. The daughter of Korean immigrants, Suh grew up fishing and camping in Colorado, which fostered a passion for the natural world and an extraordinary career protecting it. "Rhea is a ferocious fighter for the environment," says Beinecke.
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Campaign Updates
Stop the Killing of Wildlife in Alaska's National Parks
The National Park Service is considering new rules that will restore the natural balance of wildlife in Alaska's parks by banning some of the worst hunting practices that target wolves and bears. Currently, the state allows the use of inhumane and unfair hunting methods -- such as baiting, snaring and using spotlights to kill hibernating bears -- on 20 million acres of national parkland. The goal of this "predator control" program is to artificially boost caribou and moose populations, and even wolf pups and bear cubs are not spared. Send a message urging the Park Service to prohibit the use of these practices and ensure that Alaska's national parklands remain safe havens for all wildlife.
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Book of the Month
Frances Beinecke's Call to Action on Climate Change
The World We Create
In her new book, The World We Create: A Message of Hope for a Planet in Peril, NRDC's outgoing president lays out a visionary plan for the U.S. to become carbon-neutral in our lifetime. "Frances Beinecke is not just our great environmental leader, she's also a remarkable thinker and writer. This book comes at a crucial moment in the environmental fight, and it will make a powerful difference!" says Bill McKibben, author and founder of
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In the News
People's Climate March
in NYC Makes History
On September 21, hundreds of NRDC staff and Members joined more than 400,000 concerned citizens from all over the globe in a dramatic call for urgent action on climate change. The People's Climate March in NYC was the biggest rally for climate action of all time. See our Facebook page for photos from the March. People's Climate March
Now It's the World's Largest Marine Preserve
Last month, President Obama expanded the Pacific Remote Islands Marine National Monument -- home to coral gardens and threatened sea turtles and sharks -- to six times its previous size, making it the largest marine reserve in the world. Thanks to all the BioGems Defenders who voiced their support for the expanded protection! Turtle
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