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Frackers threaten wildlife refuges

April 2014

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The Big Story
Protect Wildlife Refuges
from Fracking
National wildlife refuges across the country -- including Colorado's Baca National Wildlife Refuge and the Florida Panther National Wildlife Refuge -- are now threatened by oil and gas development where the drilling rights are owned by private parties. Swift action is needed before fracking destroys these last sanctuaries for wildlife. Tell the Fish and Wildlife Service to impose tough new rules that will save our national wildlife refuges from dangerous oil and gas development.
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Campaign Updates
UN Court of Justice Says Japanese Whaling is Illegal
In a dramatic victory for whales, the UN International Court of Justice ruled last month that Japan's Antarctic whaling program is in direct violation of international law. Despite a global ban on commercial whaling, Japan has continued to kill thousands of whales under the guise of scientific research. In its ruling, the court disputed several aspects of Japan's "scientific research" program and ordered it to cease killing whales in the Antarctic immediately. The country has agreed to abide by the decision and called off its annual Antarctic hunt. Thanks to all of our BioGems Defenders who have taken action to end commercial whaling! Learn more.
Video of the Month
Monarch Video
Monarch Butterflies Need Your Help
Weed killers like Monsanto's Roundup are wiping out the milkweed that monarchs need to survive.
Monarch Video
In the News
Critical Habitat for
Florida Panther at Risk
NRDC has asked the Environmental Protection Agency to deny a permit for placing an oil and gas waste disposal well in prime habitat for the critically endangered Florida panther. These animals historically ranged across the southeastern U.S., but today, fewer than 200 are found in southern Florida. Learn more. Panther
New Project Could
Threaten Cabo Pulmo
A new large-scale development has been proposed near Cabo Pulmo National Park in Mexico's Baja California Peninsula, home to a thriving hard coral reef that BioGems Defenders helped defend two years ago. As we learn more about the project's potential risks, we'll call on our activists if needed. Learn more. Cabo
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BioGems Defenders have sent more than 111,000 messages urging the EPA to protect monarch butterflies from the widespread use of herbicides like Monsanto’s Roundup.
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