Great news for polar bears

December 2012

NRDC (Natural Resources Defense Council) Stop the Global Trade in Polar Bears! Take Action

Dear Friend,

Polar bears are facing possible extinction in this century -- and the unconscionable global trade in their body parts must be stopped.

That long-sought goal is now within reach -- if you’ll make your voice heard at this critical moment.

The United Kingdom and other key European nations that could determine the polar bear’s fate just 90 days from now are still on the fence about a ban on trafficking.

We need your help right now to ratchet up the pressure!

Call on U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron to lead the European Union toward a Yes vote on stronger protections for polar bears that will end the international trade in their pelts, claws, skulls and other body parts.

Two months ago, President Obama -- after hearing from more than 100,000 NRDC Members like you -- proposed such a ban at the next meeting of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) in March.

And Russia, another polar bear range state, made clear that it will back the U.S. proposal.

Now, I’m asking you to make your voice heard one more time on behalf of polar bears -- so that the European Union knows the whole world will be watching their vote.

It won’t be easy. Key nations that allow polar bear hunting -- especially Canada -- are adamantly opposed to ending the global trade in polar bear parts. Its federal government has allowed some 5,000 bears to be killed over the past 10 years.

I’m sure you agree: Polar bears belong in the wild, living and free -- not mounted as decorations in the trophy rooms of wealthy big game hunters or carved up for profit.

I hope you’ll send a message to Prime Minister Cameron immediately. Call on him to rally the E.U. against the deadly trafficking in polar bears. It’s urgent that the Prime Minister know that millions of concerned citizens around the world are looking to the U.K. for leadership on this issue.

Thank you for taking action to save polar bears.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council



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