Save the Spirit Bear Coast!

Canada’s federal government has just approved the Northern Gateway pipeline.

The Northern Gateway pipeline, planned by energy giant Enbridge, would carry 500,000 barrels a day of tar sands oil directly through the Spirit Bear's rainforest home in British Columbia, Canada.

Kevin Bacon

In British Columbia, a Native legend says that when the great glaciers retreated, a white bear was left behind to remind us that this lush rainforest was once covered in ice and snow. Today, only 400 of these Spirit Bears survive, alongside an amazing array of other wildlife. But the Spirit Bear's only home in the world is facing a grave new threat from Big Oil. A single spill could blanket the Spirit Bear Coast in a matter of days. What will become of the Spirit Bear?

-Kevin Bacon, Actor and NRDC Member

What's at Stake

The land of the Spirit Bear is a primeval wilderness that once stretched unbroken from Canada to California. Filled with towering thousand-year-old trees and salmon-filled rivers, its coastal waters are home to orcas, humpbacks, fin whales and Steller sea lions.

The Native people of many First Nations have depended on this rich ecosystem for their way of life for thousands of years. But the Northern Gateway pipeline would bring tar sands oil and supertankers into this unspoiled paradise, and an oil spill could destroy the Spirit Bear Coast in a matter of days.

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