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Save Whales from Deadly Sonar!

The Navy’s plan for training with sonar and explosives will spell disaster for whales.

The Navy’s Environmental Review concedes it could kill nearly 1,000 marine mammals … cause more than 13,000 serious injuries … and inflict more than three million cases of temporary hearing loss.

Pierce Brosnan

This mid-frequency sonar will bombard whales with noise so intense — up to 236 decibels — it can actually cause their internal organs to hemorrhage. It’s distressing that the Navy refuses to put commonsense precautions in place that could protect whales during routine training — especially because taking such steps would in no way compromise our military readiness. Whales should not have to suffer or die for military practice.

-Pierce Brosnan, Actor, Activist, NRDC Member

What's at Stake

The Navy’s training plans threaten entire populations of marine wildlife off the East Coast, Southern California, Hawaii and the Gulf Coast.

These include many of the world’s rare and endangered whale species, such as blue whales, fin whales and North Atlantic right whales, which are barely clinging to survival. High-intensity sonar can deafen, injure and even kill marine mammals, and has caused numerous mass strandings and deaths of whales on beaches around the world.

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