Our best chance to stop the Pebble Mine

August 2014


Help Ban the Pebble Mine

The EPA has just proposed restrictions that would block the disastrous Pebble Mine. Tell the EPA to follow through with its proposal and stop this toxic mega-mine forever.


Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

I have big news to share in our fight to stop the disastrous Pebble Mine: The EPA has just proposed mining restrictions for the Bristol Bay wilderness that would block the massive, open-pit gold and copper mine.

And the agency has given the public 60 days to comment on this game-changing proposal.

This is our absolute best chance to save the Bristol Bay wilderness. We need to make it count.

Tell the EPA you strongly support its proposal to stop the Pebble Mine.

The agency’s scientists have concluded that the Pebble Mine poses significant -- even “catastrophic” -- risks to this American treasure, including its world-renowned salmon runs, wildlife populations and Native communities.

The agency then initiated a procedure under the Clean Water Act that allows it to protect extraordinary resources when they are threatened -- as they clearly are in this case.

We’ve now reached the next critical step in that process -- and we need your help to make sure that EPA follows through on its proposal and slams the door on the Pebble Mine.

The Obama Administration will be under enormous pressure from the mining lobby to back away from its plan. It’s up to you and me to counter that lobbying muscle.

Urge the EPA to finish what it started and save the irreplaceable Bristol Bay wilderness.

I firmly believe that if we join together right now, we can win this epic battle -- and save a spectacular piece of our natural heritage from disaster. Please do your part to help by making your voice heard at EPA right now.

Thank you for standing with NRDC in defense of the Bristol Bay wilderness.



Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council