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Big News: EPA takes first step toward stopping the Pebble Mine

March 2014

NRDC -- Stop the Pebble Mine!


Save Bristol Bay

Help us fend off the mining lobby and make sure that the Obama Administration slams the door on the Pebble Mine.


Dear NRDC BioGems Defender,

Fantastic news: The Environmental Protection Agency has taken the critical first step toward banning the destructive Pebble Mine, which would be gouged out of Alaska’s incomparable Bristol Bay wilderness.

The agency did so by initiating a rarely-used process under the Clean Water Act that allows it to protect extraordinary resources when they are threatened.

This announcement is a milestone in our hard-fought campaign to stop the Pebble Mine -- a massive open-pit, copper and gold mine -- and its 10 billion tons of contaminated mining waste.

And it’s a huge victory for our Members and BioGems Defenders, who recently sent more than 100,000 messages calling on President Obama to direct the EPA to take this exact step. Our voices were heard!

But make no mistake: the fight to save Bristol Bay is far from over. EPA’s announcement is just the first step in a long agency process that will culminate in an all-important final decision -- hopefully an order blocking the Pebble Mine.

That process will be contested at every step of the way by the powerful mining lobby and its political protectors on Capitol Hill. They are already in full attack mode, pulling out all the stops to undermine EPA and save the Pebble Mine.

It is crucial that we fend off these special interest attacks, mobilize the public during the upcoming EPA process and ensure that the agency finishes what it started by banning the Pebble Mine.

Please make an emergency donation to help us counter the mining lobby and make sure that the Obama Administration slams the door on the Pebble Mine.

The EPA has already concluded that the Pebble Mine poses significant -- even “catastrophic” -- risks to Bristol Bay, including its world-renowned salmon runs, abundant wildlife populations and Native communities.

We need your support to make sure that EPA turns those findings into a final ban on mega-mines in Bristol Bay -- even as we build massive public pressure on Canadian mining company Northern Dynasty Minerals, which continues to press ahead with its disastrous plans for the Pebble Mine.

Your strong financial backing will enable us to keep fighting on both these fronts over the critical weeks and months ahead. You can be sure we will defend our environment in the most effective way possible.

I firmly believe that -- with your generous help -- we can win this epic battle and save one of our planet’s last and greatest wild places.

The fight for Bristol Bay begins now -- and we need your strong support more than ever. I hope we can count on your emergency gift today.



Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council

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