Don't let Shell Gamble with the Arctic

February 2012


Dear Friend,

BP couldn’t clean up an oil spill in the Gulf. How in the world
will Shell do it
in the Arctic?

Polar bears

The Obama Administration has given Shell tentative approval to explore for oil in Alaska’s Polar Bear Seas. Tell Secretary Salazar to deny Shell the final permits it needs to begin drilling this summer!

Take action

The Obama Administration is now paving the way for Shell to begin drilling this summer in both of our nation’s “Polar Bear Seas.”

We must not let Shell roll the dice with America’s Arctic, where a blowout and spill could devastate populations of polar bears, Pacific walrus, endangered bowhead whales and other threatened wildlife.

Tell Interior Secretary Ken Salazar to deny Shell the final permits it needs to drill in the Polar Bear Seas.

These two seas -- the Chukchi and the Beaufort -- are home to more than half of America’s polar bears.

Shell is targeting sensitive waters off the coast of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge -- the polar bear’s favorite onshore birthing ground in Alaska.

The oil giant will be sinking its first drill bit just months before pregnant polar bears move onshore to have their cubs.

An oil spill in these coastal waters could produce an unmitigated catastrophe. Whales and dolphins would suffocate as their blowholes fill with oil. And oil-covered polar bears would stand virtually no chance of survival.

Neither Shell nor the Coast Guard is prepared to handle a worst-case blowout under real-world conditions in the Arctic.

Tell Secretary Salazar you’re outraged that he’s opening up the Polar Bear Seas to oil development. And tell him to deny Shell the final go-ahead to drill in this pristine environment.

You and I must not stand by and watch one of our planet’s last truly wild places be destroyed by Big Oil.

Please send a message to Secretary Salazar today. Tell him to leave the Polar Bear Seas for polar bears, not polluters.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council



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