Cabo Pulmo

June 2012

Cabo Pulmo coral reef protected from massive tourism scheme

Following a multi-year campaign by local, national and international groups, including NRDC, Mexican President Felipe Calderón rejects plans for Cabo Cortés, a massive resort complex that could have devastated Cabo Pulmo National Marine Park. Cabo Pulmo is home to the only living hard coral reef in Mexico’s entire Gulf of California, teeming with whales, porpoises, dolphins, orcas, sharks, sea lions and five of the seven species of endangered sea turtles. The Cabo Cortés project, led by Spanish developer Hansa Urbana, would have developed 9,400 acres of this paradise with condos, hotels, golf courses, a marina and a private jet port. This mega-tourism scheme would have imperiled the coral reef’s abundant marine life and threatened local communities that depend on eco-tourism for their livelihoods. Now, Cabo Pulmo will remain a shining example to the world of ocean conservation, sustainable ecotourism and environmental stewardship.