November 2010

Georgia-Pacific makes commitment to protect southern forests

In a major victory for NRDC and our environment, Georgia-Pacific, one of the world's largest wood and paper product companies, recently announced it will no longer purchase trees from Endangered Forests and Special Areas, or from new pine plantations established in place of natural hardwood forests on 90 million acres across the south, including parts of our Cumberland Plateau BioGem. The 11 designated Endangered Forests and Special Areas span 600,000 acres across North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Georgia and will be extended over the next few years as additional areas are mapped and identified. Over the past several decades, the intense wood and paper production in the region has destroyed millions of acres of natural hardwood forests to make way for pine plantations. The agreement is a result of six years of discussion between Georgia-Pacific and NRDC, the Dogwood Alliance and the Rainforest Action Network.