A wolf video we have to share

November 2012

End the Slaughter of Wyoming’s Wolves

Dear Friend,

Wyoming is deadly serious about killing its wolves.
Wolf Video

Watch this riveting 45-second video -- then tell Interior Secretary Salazar to call off the guns and restore life-saving protections to Wyoming’s wolves.

View Video and Take Action

I urge you to watch this new 45-second video about Wyoming’s embattled wolves -- and then take action to help save them from slaughter.

Right now, it’s open season on wolves in Wyoming. After losing their endangered species protection, wolves can be shot on sight across some 85 percent of the state.

That’s right: anyone who sees a wolf anywhere across the vast majority of Wyoming can kill it -- legally -- with no questions asked.

I’m betting that after you watch our video, you’ll be compelled to come to their defense.

Watch the video now. Then tell Interior Secretary Salazar to call off the guns and return Wyoming’s wolves to the endangered species list until that state presents a credible plan for protecting them.

Frances Beinecke
Natural Resources Defense Council


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